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Heather Wolfson

CEO and Lead Strategist of Maven Leadership Consulting

To be a leader is not to be superior to others. It is to be stronger, more enduring, more steadfast in faith and hope and love of justice.

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Why J Leaders?

J Leaders is crucial for cultivating the next generation of Jewish leaders who are impactful and dedicated to making a positive difference. By offering opportunities for young adults to enhance their leadership skills, connect with peers, and engage in meaningful initiatives, J Leaders ensures the continued vibrancy and resilience of the Jewish community. This program not only nurtures individual growth but also strengthens communal bonds and inspires collective action toward a better world.


Heather Wolfson is the  CEO and Lead Strategist of Maven Leadership Consulting with a focus on scalable training, coaching, and strategic consulting for emerging leaders and teams. Bringing nearly two decades of senior-level leadership experience, she is driven by a commitment to make a lasting impact. Heather has held various significant role during her career, including Chief Operating Officer and Chief Program Officer of local and international organizations, contributing her skills to various organizations. Known for her insightful and intuitive approach to problem-solving, she excels in helping clients achieve success. An adept facilitator, Heather works with numerous organizations to enhance their effectiveness. She holds undergraduate degrees in journalism and communication, an MBA, and is a Board Certified Coach. Additionally, Heather is a Level 3 Certified Wine Sommelier, combining her professional acumen with a deep knowledge of wine. Active in community service, she serves on the boards of multiple non-profits and resides in San Diego with her family.