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Learning Design & Strategy Associate (Volunteer Role)

J Leaders’ Purpose

J Leaders is a Silicon Valley-based non-profit focused on building a community of ethical, Jewish, young adult leaders committed to making a difference in the world. J Leaders fellows are a force for good in their own organizations, the Jewish community, and the world. J Leaders flagship program is the Leadership Academy, a cohort-based leadership program for young Jewish adults desiring to level up personally and professionally. The Academy is designed to create a network of passionate, skilled, and ethical emerging leaders who will make their own organizations more successful, and the Jewish community even stronger and more vibrant.

As a volunteer, you will contribute to the most important J Leaders programs that are empowering and engaging Jewish young adults through leadership development and community-building.

J Leaders Website:

Position: Learning Design & Strategy Associate

Position description: 

The Learning Design & Strategy Associate is a professional who helps plan and direct J Leaders’ learning program and strategy. The consultant is responsible to help create, grow, and improve all aspects of learning throughout the organization, including the Leadership Academy curriculum, the Leadership Circle learning playbook, and our own organizational commitment to continuous learning, assessment, continuous improvement, and the measurement of impact.

Duties and Responsibilities
Depending on expertise, availability and interest, duties and responsibilities could include:

  • Analyzing existing strategy and course development materials
  • Reviewing current and past cohort training activities and analyze success factors
  • Helping to develop J Leaders 3rd generation curriculum based on past success factors and future cohort needs.
  • Reviewing individual and organizational development needs
  • Monitoring the success of development plans and help team make the most of learning opportunities 

Past experience in a learning and development role in a non-profit and/or corporate environment. Ideally, the Associate will have experience with the following:

  • 2+ years’ experience of working as a L&D Manager٫ Training Manager or other relevant position
  • Significant experience with effective learning and development methods
  • Experience in project management and budgeting
  • Good knowledge of e-learning platforms and practices
  • Commitment to principles of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Practical experience with Google Docs, MS Office and Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Strong communication skills٫ with a good ability to build relations with team members and community partners
  • Strong organizational skills with business-oriented thinking

Commitment Expectation
Length of position – There is no maximum time limit as to the length of time served in this position, but there is a minimum commitment expectation of one year.

Time commitment – Minimum time commitment is 2 hours per week

Work Location: Remote

Age Requirement: None